Exercise 1: Element of Art

what is  line ?
line in drawing is the most important basisc in scetching or design. line usually come from dot connect to another dot until it’s create shape line in drawing. line is the first tool the we use to start in drawing or skecthing. There are some types of line such as, lineweight, horizon line, orthogonal line, implied line, countour line, hatching and cross-hatching and center lines. line usually is a one-dimensional because line come straight way and start again from same way or another ways.



what is FORM ?
Form is such as cube, cylinder, sphere, cone and other. Form has three-deminsional and two-deminsional. For three-deminsional form it is usually a geometric shape,for example, sphere.Then for two-deminsional form it usually an organic shape with natural look flowing and curving appearance or flat. Form is what the audiens can understand the art that we trying to show or to present in the artwork.





what is SPACE ?
When an artist let some empty area in drawing with purpose to get a negative and positive space. Empty area can make clear the object or area that the artist want the audiens or viewer to focus.For example, the negative space usually placed above or below the shapes or forms. Then positive space are placed between the composition of the objects or the buildings.



what is TEXTURE ?
Texture refer to the way we can touch and feel or look to the things. In drawing and painting texture can be stimulated by using such as impasto technique. Impasto technique mean using the brush with the colour from the colour tube, straight to the drawing surface. Texture also have some type such smooth texture, that slick, silky, soft and slimy and then, rough texture are more varied such as bumpy, sandy, rocky and more other. Texture also can be applied with using filter to images. texture usually can create mood toward the artworks. For example, for the smooth texture it’s can allow romantic mood.